Unbreakable, broadband internet connection
on land, water or in the air.
Anywhere, anytime.

About us

Metanet Ltd offers B2B services in such special areas where the most significant carriers cannot or can only partially provide them. Metanet services are built upon solutions that integrate the most high-tech innovations and can be deployed – even instantly – in locations where other technologies, devices would fail. No matter if this location is on the ground, by sea or in the air.

Our specialists have great experience and provide help to businesses, movie and television productions, organizers of indoor and outdoor events in areas – just to name some of the more significant ones - such as
  • securing internet connection locally with devices using bonding technology and multi-WAN/SIM cards directly from BIX-Gateway
  • connecting distant locations in one IP range with devices using multi-WAN/SIM cards
  • transmitting one or more video signals with low latency, multi-SIM videobridge technology
  • providing home and foreign local SIM cards and EU roaming or Worldwide roaming SIM cards for IP equipment
  • securing occasional internet connections to replace unstable connectivity
  • providing devices offering redundant IP connection with 5G/4G network support

Make your business’ communications network more secure and mobile with Metanet solutions!

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