SIM Card Rentals

Thinking about SIM card rentals? Metanet Ltd is the best solution for You and Your Company!

We support your business with high quality services.

Why do we think that we are the best solution? We offer favorable prices to our clients, save time and energy to partners since there is only one provider to keep contact with instead of three or more. Thus You have all the time to focus on Your projects’ success.

After a simple and rapid agreement the offered services are instantaneous with flexible payment terms and the services are not restricted even in case of late payment.

If a SIM card is damaged or does not work, we provide replacement so Your business will function seamlessly without any forced stops.

Our support team provides help in APN setting. At us You do not have to think only of yearly leases. We are happy to help your business in case of short-term, occasional works - home and abroad (even outside the EU) as well. We give special, customised price offers for such.

Would You like to know Your available data? Contact us and we will report back to You on the current and exact amount of data available within 24 hours.

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